"Waves of passion and projects of innovation"

As father and son, our shared journey is fueled by a profound passion for water sports. With a wealth of experience as a senior designer, I have had the privilege of inspiring various naval companies and leading challenging, internationally-oriented projects. The pursuit of perfection propels me forward, and I firmly believe that innovation is the key to transforming ideas into reality.

Johan, my son, stands beside me, embodying the same passion for water sports. Together, our collaboration is a testament to the strength of teamwork. Guiding and inspiring, we navigate the complexities of our projects with a shared commitment to excellence. As a team, we bring innovation to the forefront and make the seemingly impossible a reality in the world of water sports.

Alfred Spijkerman

Founder GreenPower Boats

"Crafting Excellence: Where Ideas Set Sail"

In my career journey, I am deeply committed to my work, putting my heart into every project. Recognized as a hardworking contributor, I bring energy to ideas. Focusing on simplicity, I believe that excellence can be found in different ways.

Testing the new hull means dealing with different prototypes. Though challenges come with prototypes, I usually find it easy to handle them. These moments highlight the importance of staying resilient and adaptable in the creative process.

Johan Spijkerman

Product Developer

Recognized for excellence by industry leaders worldwide