Rear Lounge and Storage

Experience the leisure on the GreenPower 33 Open with its expansive rear lounge and unparalleled storage capabilities.
Unlike typical vessels in its class, this catamaran redefines expectations by offering an extensive storage garage.

Accommodate surfboards, long items, fishing gear, and more seamlessly.
With a main storage capacity of 1920 liters and room for lengthy objects up to 4 meters, the GreenPower 33 ensures that every adventure is equipped with the essentials.

This unique combination of rear lounge luxury and vast storage space sets the GreenPower 33 apart, making it a trailblazer in its category.

Front Lounge Elegance

Elevate your boating experience aboard the GreenPower 33 Open with its expansive front lounge—a hallmark of luxury in this class of boats.
Unlike typical vessels, our catamaran offers an indulgent space at the front, allowing panoramic views from a large lounge bed.

This unique design sets the GreenPower 33 apart, providing an unmatched blend of comfort and sophistication. Whether it's unwinding in style or engaging in quality conversations, our front lounge creates a distinctive ambiance, making your journey an exceptional and memorable one.

Revel in the extraordinary on the GreenPower 33—an icon of opulence in its category.

Revolutionary Electric Propulsion
System for Sustainable Boating

Our electric propulsion system utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide a sustainable and efficient boating experience. By eliminating the need for traditional fuel, our boats offer a cleaner and quieter alternative for both users and the environment.

Luxury and Performance Combined

A hydrofoil-supported catamaran design delivers stability, efficiency, and luxury, setting a new standard in high-performance elegance.

Bedroom Experience

Experience comfort in the thoughtfully designed bedroom, boasting a 150 cm-wide bed, ample storage, and standing headroom—a breakthrough in sleeping quarters for an extended stay.

Navigation Interface

AyeAye Systems' 2x 22-inch full HD touch screens provide seamless access to all functions, enhancing control and navigation with unparalleled clarity


Find answers to commonly asked questions about our boat model, its maintenance, and electric components.

How many people can the GreenPower 33 accommodate??

The boat can accommodate up to 12 persons, with one cabin, two berths.

What range options are available for the GreenPower 33?

The boat offers a range of 40-70 NM at cruising speed, with the flexibility of choosing from three different battery pack options

How does the charging system work on the GreenPower 33?

Charging for the GreenPower 33 can be conveniently done overnight using standard plugs. Additionally, future models will incorporate solar cells to further extend the range.

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