Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the purchasing process, financing options, and boat customization.

The GreenPower 33 is a fast, luxurious, and sustainable electric boat that combines innovation, range, space, and luxury in a single design.

Charging for the GreenPower 33 can be conveniently done overnight using standard plugs. Additionally, future models will incorporate solar cells to further extend the range.

The hydrofoil-supported hull reduces drag by more than 50%, doubling the range of the boat. It cuts through waves silently, providing a unique and efficient boating experience.

The top speed is 22 knots or 40 kmp/h

The peak power of the GreenPower 33 is 80 kW.

The GreenPower 33 is equipped with two 22-inch full HD touch screens, powered by AyeAye Systems, providing comprehensive access to all functions.

Stabilization on the GreenPower 33 is facilitated by zipwakes, contributing to roll and pitch stabilization for a smoother boating experience

Yes, the boat is designed for longer holidays, featuring a comfortable bedroom with a 150 cm wide bed and ample headroom.

The boat is 10 meters in length, has a beam of 3 meters, and a draught of 0.85 meters. It falls under Class B, features electric propulsion, and offers three battery options (132,176,220 KWH).

Charging the GreenPower 33 overnight is feasible, with the duration ranging from 6.5 hours to 10 hours, depending on the selected battery option and using standard plugs.

The boat offers a range of 40-70 NM at cruising speed, with the flexibility of choosing from three different battery pack options.

The boat can accommodate up to 12 persons, with one cabin, two berths.

The GreenPower 33 offers cost savings on maintenance and fuel, with batteries lasting for 4000 cycles and electric motors designed for superior efficiency and durability.

Sustainability is a necessity, not an option. The boat is fully electric, powered by CATL batteries, and offers silent electric propulsion for a cleaner and quieter boating experience.

The GreenPower 33 offers extensive storage, including a main storage compartment of 1920 liters and additional space for long items up to 4 meters, so bring your surfboards along!

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